Stay Focused for Success!

Well, another summer is coming to an end! The nice warm weather, great marketing programs and excellent store execution helped us get back on track. As we go into the last quarter of the year, let’s stay focused!
At our yearly planning meeting, we discussed how we’ll hit our plans in 2016. We can and will do this with everyone’s commitment and execution, specifically in a couple key operational areas:

People. We need great people to continue making this a Great Place to Shop. Be constantly on the lookout for potential Team Members like ourselves who can have a strong commitment to each other and to QuickChek. Commitment and execution make QuickChek a Great Place to Work. When you see someone in another business, or even in your own family, who has the attributes we want, talk to them about being part of our team. Invite them to join us in our journey to be the best fresh convenience food and gas marketer in the NY/NJ metro area!

Shrink. One of the easiest and fastest ways to increase profit is to reduce shrink! Start by focusing on what we throw in the garbage. Dairy had a sharp increase this past year so let’s get it back down! How are we ordering? Are we rotating product when we pack out? Also, with vender check-in, make sure we are getting what we pay for! Take the time to follow procedure and correctly check in every vender. Remember, once we sign a bill at store level we own that product.

Make sure we have a safe, secure environment for our team! Be sure to keep our back doors locked and alarmed so we know if anyone opens that door. Don’t allow any unauthorized person in our backroom, checkout or office area. If they don’t have a picture ID with a letter authorizing them in those areas don’t allow them access!

At checkout, ring correctly and watch our voids, refunds and cash shortages. Don’t allow anyone else to operate your draw! You own those results so don’t let a dishonest Team Member take advantage of you! If you suspect a problem contact your Store Leader, District leader or Security.

By paying attention you can reduce shrink, stay safe and make your store a Great Place to Work!
If you need further support please contact me directly at (908)534-7184 or (973)703-2157.


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