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QuickChek Family

Middlesex Begins Fueling Customers

Our existing store #130 on Harris Avenue in Middlesex, NJ opens its new fuel island to customers on Thursday. The store recently underwent an exterior addition when we added a 5 pump, 10 dispenser fuel island in front of the...

QuickChek Family

District M Produces Future Leaders!

Two Team Members in District M welcomed new additions to their families this week. That means our QuickChek family grew by two, also! Mike Obrien, Store Leader of store #160 in Brick, added a granddaughter, Colette Noel, to his family...

QuickChek Family

North Brunswick Brings in the Customers

Store #163 in North Brunswick opened to the public at 5am on Tuesday morning. Store Leader Ashley and her team were ready to greet our new North Brunswick customers with some excellent TCD! Their very first customer, bright and early...

QuickChek Family

Bring It On, North Brunswick!

On Monday afternoon, Team Members, town representatives, and local little leaguers gathered at our newest store in North Brunswick, store #163, for the ceremonial ribbon-cutting event. There were faces from throughout District Q, Operations, and the Support Center. There were...

QuickChek Family

North Brunswick is Ready to Rock & Roll!

Yesterday was New Store Orientation for our soon-to-be-open location on US 1 in North Brunswick, NJ. Store #163 will open its doors on Tuesday! Store Leader, Ashley Pointon, and her team have completed their final orientation and are ready to...

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Say “Hi” to Highland Park

The team at store #4 in Highland Park received a surprise visit on Wednesday from a member of the QuickTalk Team. Store Leader Matthias was not in but the Certified Assistant, Martin Prokai, and his crew for the day were...

QC CaresQC FunQuickChek Family

Family Fund Mini-Golf Event

The lawn of the Support Center transformed yesterday when QuickChek hosted guests from roughly 75 of our vendors for the annual QuickChek Family Fund Mini-Golf Event. This year's theme was game shows! The Store Engineering and Real Estate groups mowed...

QuickChek Family

The Many Faces of New York

In honor of QuickChek being recognized as a Best Company to Work For in New York for the 8th year, the QuickTalk Photographer spent the day yesterday popping in to some of our New York locations and catching the Team...

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