Connecting Customers with QC Mobile App

For our customers to benefit from our new QC DEALS app, we’re counting on YOU to get them connected! After just one week of launch, customers are LOVING IT! As of April 3rd you’ve helped us achieve over 10,500 downloads – and the number climbs daily.

One customer says, “Today I stopped in for lunch, and they told me about the new QuickChek app. They helped me set it up, and took the time to explain all the cool features. You are amazing at taking care of your customers. THAT is the main reason why I am a regular!”

We need your help to spread this positive experience! What better way to bring customers to your store than to help them CONNECT with the special promotions available on our new mobile app:

Talk it Up: Tell them about the app… ask if they’ve heard about it and whether they’ve already downloaded it.

Be an Example: Have it on your own phone so you can create excitement by showing them.

Help Them: Offer to help your customers download and set up the app on their phone.

Be a FAVORITE: After they’ve download the app, ask them to FAVORITE your store!

Team Members from the store in each district with the most FAVORITES (between March 23rd and April 23rd) will win a $5 QC Gift Card and 250 points in the new QC Rewards Program!! Click HERE to see recent results.

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