District N Goes Commissary!

On April 3rd, we will be expanding the Commissary Program into District N. We have seen initial success working with the teams in District L and are looking forward to this new opportunity to expand into an additional district. The teams are very excited about the ease of operation and the opportunity to focus more of their time on our customers.

Some highlights of the Commissary Program include:

  • A fresh new look via new packaging
  • A new product line including parfaits
  • Store teams are excited about delivery frequency allowing them to receive freshest possible product
  • Focus has been dedicated to keeping hot food warmers in stock with breakfast and snacks, allowing us to grow sales
  • Receiving meat and cheese already sliced and portioned in proper set-ups has helped simplify tasks at store level
  • The opportunity to order items by the “each” has allowed stores to grow product lines they couldn’t before due to large case packs.

If you haven’t seen our Commissary Program products yet, make a pit stop in one of the stores in District L or, beginning next week, District N.

The group from District N was at the Support Center yesterday, March 29th, eager to taste-test some of the items from the commissary and have a Q&A session with Amanda Shymanksi from Marketing. In addition to tasting some product they also celebrated Amanda’s birthday. Happy Birthday, Amanda and good luck with the Commissary Program District N!


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