SAFETY: Top 10 Workplace Safety Tips Every Team Member Should Know

It’s so important to create a safe workplace for all Team Members. To keep you safe and keep accidents to a minimum, here are some general safety tips you should know to help you stay safe and keep others safe!


  • Be aware of your surroundings – Be alert and aware of potential hazards
  • Keep correct posture to protect your back – This applies if you sit at a desk or stand in a store
  • Keep emergency exits easily accessible – Make sure exits are clear and unobstructed
  • Report unsafe conditions to your leader – If you see something, say something


  • Take regular breaks – Take regular breaks to help you stay fresh and alert
  • Stay sober – 3% of workplace fatalities occur due to alcohol and drugs
  • Reduce workplace stress – Stress can lead to lack of focus and concentration and, in some cases, depression


  • Use tools and machines properly – Using tools the right way reduces the risk of injury
  • Use aids whenever possible – Too many risks are involved when lifting things that weigh too much
  • Wear and use the proper safety equipment – Use the proper items to protect yourself and others


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