Identify a Slip and Fall Threat Before it Happens!

Slips and falls not only affect the individual involved in the accident but all of us, as well. It can cause damage to the individual but is very costly for QC – and those costs trickle down to each of you.

According to the National Floor Safety Institute, slips and falls account for more than one million hospital emergency room visits each year and are the leading cause of worker compensation claims. While it’s impossible to completely eliminate all potential threats, we can take measures to safeguard ourselves and our customers:

  • Identify the risk areas and create a plan of action to minimize risks.
  • Use mats to capture debris and absorb water. Regularly wash and dry the mats and flatten out curled up edges. Replace worn out mats.
  • Display safety signs! Make sure any slip, trip, or fall threats are clearly marked.
  • Implement a cleaning schedule that includes removing debris or foreign objects from the floor, sweeping, and mopping regularly. Mopping should be done at non-peak times.
  • Don’t leave totes, boxes, carts, or any other items in the aisles. This leaves a hazard for Team Members and customers. If a customer asks you for assistance, move the item out of the aisle before assisting the customer.

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