QuickChek “Q”s Up Some Meals

District Q Rocks

Last Thursday, August 30th, QuickChekkers (and family) from District Q converged in Hillside at the Community Food Bank of NJ to show the food bank what QuickChek Team Members can do when they put their minds to it!

It was a flurry of excitement, activity, and hustle over the 2 1/2 hours The task at hand was to create boxed meals for seniors. The goal set was 350 boxes but that certainly wasn’t good enough for District Q. At the day’s end, the team had boxed 653 meals! Way to Go, District Q! What an outstanding job! (It probably had something to do with the fact that Ted wasn’t wearing a suit jacket!) You’ve set the bar high for the next group of QuickChek volunteers!

Thank you to the following volunteers for giving your time to one of QuickChek’s community partners:


Tara Aiken

Sally Allen

Varsha Bhagat

Giovanna Brusseze

Harrison Campopiano

Flora Delaney

Alex Dornick

Jonathan Hoyer

Janeth Jaquez

Connor Karon

Arefa Khan

Vinny Manalili

Jessyca Mejias

Tracey Mendez

Chris Mezzacappa

Lori McLagan

Michele McGinley

Mike Murphy

Felix Phang Chang

Deybi Posas

Nelly Pozo

Travis Price

Dawn Rucki

Ted Sadowski

Jon Santiago

Nadia Valerio-Garrido

Kevin Woodring

KC Woodring

Michelle Woodring




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