Our Newest Leaders Play to Win

Fall 2018 Play to Win Session

This fall’s session of Play to Win was another great one. Our newest group of leaders to go through the program had the threat of storms and rain looming over their heads all day but instead received hot, humid weather. Whether they were a Zombie Bus Rider, a Kamikaze Unicorn, or one of the Hounds of Justice, that¬†didn’t stop them from enjoying the program and learning alot, too.

Congratulations to our participants on a great session and we hope you enjoyed your experience! And a special thanks to our coaches – Mandy Steindl-Kwiecien, Mike Boylan, and Drew Allen – who devoted the week to helping develop and support our future leaders! And, as always, the event couldn’t be accomplished without the help of Ronn, Pete, Leroy, Terri, and Fizz! Thank you for continuing this tradition and supporting future QC Leadership!

Zombie Bus Riders

Harsson Valerio

Maureen Engel

Debbie Storeveit

Shane Grosskopf

Vinay Arora

Mizanur Rahman

Katherine Andrade

Jakob Morrison

Lisbeth Cardenas

Gean Huertas

Jason Ibanez

Kyra Luzuriaga

Michil Estfanous

Jessica Sachs

Kamikaze Unicorns

Ashley Hatfield

Diana Boniello

Alyson Roscoe

Elizabeth McCoon

Sara Lovett

Kallie Pyatt

Valencia Bey

Joseph Kleinkauf

Christopher Gonsalves

Melissa Bramley

Chastity Lopez

Abdellah Nasr

Janelle Ramos

Sharina Layne

Hounds of Justice

Carrie Guerriero

Joseph McGuigan

Angelo Guy

Daniel Santos

Stephanie Dannenfelser

Erine Abigael Pamintuan

Jakeline Orellana

Jin-Young Choi

Christopher Sachs

Justin Ricks

Victoria Airth

Derrick Green

Arlene Rogers

Taylor Kilian


Scroll down to see some photos of the fun from our recent session or click HERE to view all the photos! Enter password PTW2018.


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  • Congrats everyone… though Mike Boylan looks like hes ready to electrocute someone lol

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