Spring Cleaning for Summer Sales!

It looks like winter has finally come to an end, and what a winter it was! All that snow, combined with freezing cold temperatures, really hurt our sales. Now it’s time to get ready for strong spring and summer sales.

We need to start with the outside of our stores. Let’s ensure all the landscaping has survived this harsh winter. Also, while you’re out there, check to see that all garbage has been removed from around those areas. Maintenance must be notified if there are issues regarding the parking lot (for example: directional signs knocked down or bent from snow). Please check all exterior lights to be certain they are functioning. We want to have a QuickChek that looks appealing and welcoming to our customers. That’s what draws them in!

Warmer weather has people out and about, and stopping in for their favorite beverage and sub. To ensure that we’re all set to go, ask the following:

  • Are we ready to greet out customers with a clean, well-stocked store?
  • Are our Team Members trained and ready to deliver the best food?
  • Is the Team ready to tell customers about our exciting new mobile app? Are they trained on its use?
  • Does the Team know about our promotion items?
  • Do we talk up Q Café with our customers? (It’s rolled out in about 90% of our stores!)
  • Do we sample Q Café at peak times? Have the Team Members tasted this product? Do they know how to
  • make this great product?

And speaking of Team Members, have we hired and trained all of the Team Members needed to keep up with the upcoming summer sales? If not, NOW is the time to hire them!

It’s great to see how many stores and specific Team Members receive well-deserved compliments from our customers by way of the new mobile app – it shows the importance of great Team Members! Our customers relate to our Team, and appreciate the great job that we do each and every day! All of you make QuickChek a great place to work and an awesome place to shop.

As always, call me directly at (973) 703-2157 if there are any ideas or issues that you’d like to discuss or if you’re interested in joining a town hall meeting.

We’re looking forward to a happy, healthy, and high-sales summer!

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