These Team Members just heard that the groundhog saw his shadow. And now, they’re seeing groundhogs everywhere!

Who ARE these folks – and whatever are they thinking?!

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Every Thursday in 2017, we’re posting photos to hear what you have to say! Recognize a Team Member in the photo? Think you know where the photo was taken? Have a funny story or caption? POST YOUR COMMENTS HERE! Each month, we’ll select one Team Member’s contribution and award them a $25 QC Gift Card!

Watch for next week’s Throwback Thursday photos!

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  • First pic: Bruce Stevenson, Ken Brewer, no-name, Bill Hannigan, Joe O’Tooler, no-name, Subhash Shah
    Second pic: Jerry Hayes
    Third pic; Dean Durling

  • Picture #1: – “Ladies and Gentlemen, we present to you, the newest member of our IT team!”

    Picture #2 – Jerry: “Ro! Ro! Are you there? I’m speaking soft and slow because there is a groundhog in my office. He threw everything off of my desk except for my phone, he stole my coffee, and said that I had one phone call and recommended that I say my goodbyes! I love ya, Ro!”

    Picture #3 – Dean, posing with “Grinds” the Groundhog, on “Bring Your Pet to Work Day!”

  • Picture 3 –

    Psst – Dean – I Mustache you a question…. What store can I get a hand-crafted frozen smoothie?????

  • Picture # 1 – Second from right in IT photo is Greg Saeger and while you’re at can you fix the spelling on my name? 🙂

  • I see Jerry Hayes number 2 Dean number 3 and number 1 Bruce Ken Chris Sub Joe. Great and fun memories

  • #2- ” Yes Phil philled the cup too high, it’s unacceptable maam. I will have him coached on that right away. Thanks for being a loyal Quick Chek customer, your next coffee is on us!”

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