WTG: Customers Trust Us to Make it Right!

Remember the MILK story from your QuickChek Experience class? It presented a customer scenario that asked you how you would react, and explored the implications of different decisions.

It happened for real in Store #21, when a loyal customer of 14 years wanted to purchase a gallon of milk and a coffee. The customer’s debit card was declined. Even though the customer was a recognized, regular visitor, he was not allowed to leave with the purchase and bring the money in the following day.

His dissatisfaction resulted in a many paragraph, online memo that detailed his feelings and commitment to never return to a QuickChek. It was a swift (within the hour), personal response that turned the situation around. The following is the WAY TO GO that almost wasn’t. Remember: you are trusted to make the best decisions for our customers.

Dear QuickChek,
Thank you for properly correcting a poor decision that initially placed a higher priority on the sale instead of the customer. I posted a complaint about my problem and got a response within the hour. My anger and concerns were met with empathy and sincere apologies to correct the situation. I was also told that this situation will be used as an opportunity to improve Team Member training. I was really glad to have this address so quickly. I’m very glad to know that you realize that a loyal QC customer is worth a great deal more than $5. Paul

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