You Know You’re from North Jersey When…

On Friday, New Jersey 101.5 shared their listing of 10 Signs You’re From North Jersey and guess what sign #10 on the list was? You guessed it! Sign #10 was when “QuickChek feels like home“.

We are so glad that New Jerseyians love to call us home. Thanks 101.5 for the shout out and Way to Go to all the Team Members that make our stores feel like home to our customers!

Especially in hard times, like many of our Team Members and customers are facing now thanks to to the winter weather, it is more important than ever to remember that people will be looking for hot food and a warm, friendly atmosphere to come in to. Keep up the good work and continue to make QuickChek a Great Place to Work and a Great Place to Shop!

Click HERE to see the other nine signs on NJ 101.5’s website.

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