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GROUNDHOG DAY! These Team Members just heard that the groundhog saw his shadow. And now, they're seeing groundhogs everywhere! Who ARE these folks - and whatever are they thinking?! Share your thoughts and WIN! Every Thursday in 2017, we’re posting photos to...

QC Fun

POLL: Winter or Spring?

Today is Groundhog Day! By now, you know what the groundhog had to say, but we want to hear from YOU. Which season do you prefer? Winter or Spring? Why? Post your comment and let us know!...

QC Fun


CONGRATS to Lou Linares: he's the winner of the $25 QC Gift Card, for his comment in the January 12 TBT Challenge! Winners are randomly chosen each month from a top list of contributors who provided first-hand stories, creative/funny comments or the correct...

QC Fun

TELL US: Sloppy Joe or Barbecue?

This week, the HR department has been engaged in a hearty debate over whether this tasty sandwich is a sloppy joe or barbecue. We thought it might be fun to hear what our Team Members have to say. So, which is it? Leave a comment here...

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