Finance Department “Played To Win”

The Finance department had four team members participate in Play To Win, Geneva Soule, Mary Zuffa, Megan Ensley and Todd Kempf, team coach. The inclement weather did not deter their enthusiasm for one another and the rest of their team members from the stores.

Everyone “Played To Win” by supporting each other and stepping out of their comfort zones. One specific instance was when one team member was having difficulty completing a challenge and did not want to leave their partner. Immediately, another team member volunteered and stepped up to successfully complete the task.

Here are some thoughts from the Finance department Play To Win attendees:

Geneva Soule: “Going to Play To Win really solidified that QuickChek is the place for me. My teammates always supported and encouraged me in all of the activities and that is the same attitude that is carried into the office every day.”

Mary Zuffa: “I felt that going to Play To Win was a very positive experience. The phrase “getting comfortable with being uncomfortable” was very fitting. I got out of my comfort zone, knowing that my team was there to support. I also felt good about supporting others on my team. I know that in the department there were 4 of my co-workers that attended, with another 2 in the department being out of the office. It was the support of all those who were at the office those days that enabled us to be there. They were there to get the work done with deadlines being met.”

Megan Ensley: “My Play To Win experience was good. It was great to have a group of individuals that worked together as a team and were supportive of each other no matter what.”

Todd Kempf: “As a coach, I was impressed by how individuals from the stores and support center quickly bonded to become one cohesive team. Also, I was amazed how quickly team members became leaders. Specifically, Meghan Povich from store #5 gave us our Animal team name of the ‘Quackers’ and developed our Animal team song. I was also taken back by all those on the ‘Quackers’ who took risks and stepped out of their comfort zone.

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