QuickChek Plays to Win – Rain or Shine!

This year over 70 QuickChek leaders participated in one of the most unique Play to Win programs in our company’s history; all thanks to the weather! In past programs we experienced some sun, some clouds, some cold weather, some windy weather and even some light rain. But this year our leaders experienced close to monsoon like rains and sub-tropical winds during the outdoor portion of the program! However each and every leader showed up with a positive attitude ready to participate, and participate they did.

To see photos, click HERE.

Covered in ponchos and other personal all-weather gear, they climbed, coached and cheered each other throughout the day. One of the most significant learnings during the day was being prepared and able to perform at high levels even in the most challenging circumstances; similar to what we at times face leading our store teams

So for all our 2014 Play to Win participants, congratulations! You experienced the worst but performed the best!

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