Another Summer is Here!

Another summer is here! Thank goodness, after this winter, I thought it would never get here! Sales are starting to rebound with the great $1.99 sub promotion for Memorial Day.
We will be doing another one for Labor Day to keep the sales going into the fall. Up selling has been doing much better. We have increased the items in the basket by .3 for the chain. Nice Job!

Being in stock is another huge key in getting and keeping sales up! Make sure that you follow production plans and produce to plan…but pay attention to the environment. If it’s a holiday week and your store is not a holiday store you need to cut production. If the weather is over 90° how much soup are we putting out? You all have a part in increasing sales and reducing waste. In lower volume stores are you splitting orders with other stores? Are we making sure we are aware of the promotions for the month so that we can communicate them to all of our team as well as making sure our vendor partners keep us in stock?

Along with product freshness and being in stock we must make sure our store looks great for our customers. Make sure we walk the store in and out each shift (bathrooms need hourly checks) to ensure that our customers have the best experience! Last, but not least, is all of you! You are QuickChek! We all must make sure that we practice all of the great things we learned in the QC Experience class. Greet our customers! Smile! Always be willing to help! Thank customers and invite them back! Remember we are in the business of repeat customers!

The Balloon Festival will be over by the time you read this. This is another great example of tremendous team work that shows our commitment to each other and our customers. Behind the scenes are Rick and the entire Engineering team and vendors that build the QC tent. Marketing works for months on items and vendor support. IT handles all of the systems and communication pieces that make all of our systems work for those 3 days! Office and store teams work those three days of the event to give our customers a great experience. I say thank you to all for a job well done!

As we continue through the summer we continue to open new stores. Each new store creates a great opportunity for our team members to grow and advance in our company. If you are a team member who is looking to grow with us PLEASE make sure you discuss with your Store Leader.

Last, but not least, we have increased the frequency of our town hall meetings from 1 a month to 2. This gives every team member an opportunity to give feedback on our ongoing journey of being a great place to work and shop. See your Store Leader for time and dates. As always, if you have a pressing matter, I can always be reached at the office: 908-534-7184 or my cell: 973-703-2157.

Thanks, Mike Murphy

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