QuickChek Ranked in Top Five of Convenience Stores

Recently, the well respected research firm Technomics surveyed customers visiting the 20 largest c-store chains in the nation. Also included, because of our distinctive offers, were QuickChek and Pilot/Flying J Truck Stops. The results could not have been better!

Five specific category attributes were surveyed, and QC is the ONLY chain to finish in the top five in EVERY Category! (Actually, we finished in the top 4, but you already knew we were special, right?) Let’s do a short review:

Pleasant, Friendly Service

Our TCD surveys always rate our friendliness very high. The Technomics study show us with 91% of respondents rating us Good or Very Good! I continuously hear comments about the friendliness of our in-store teams, fuel teams, and support center staff. Congratulations…Great job!

Overall Beverage Quality

We came in at #1, with a 96% rating, thanks to everyone’s commitment, from the equipment we install and maintain, to the job aids and training systems in place. In addition we have many control checks, specifically in coffees, to insure that only the best product arrives to your store, roasted properly and
ready to brew. That’s where our store teams take over, delivering a great cup of hot or dispensed drink every day… 24/7. Take that Wawa..and hey, where is 7-Eleven in this survey? Oh, that’s right…not in the top 5!

Convenient Location

We continue our growth plan of approximately six to eight stores each year in our NJ and Hudson Valley market…and soon Long Island! One of the key attributes of a great profitable store is a convenient location. The real estate committee rides potential sites monthly, brought to us by the R.E. team, and we have lengthy discussions about the convenience factor of each potential site, as we know that is the #1 attribute for our customers. That work has enabled us to come in at #2 for convenient locations…#1 in our trade area!

Food Taste and Flavor

Our customers rated us a 91%! This #2 score points to the many great signature recipes that Jennifer and the food service team develop, along with the many ingredients and condiments that allow our customers to customize their sub, sandwich, wrap, or salad. Unfortunately we came in #2 behind a major market competitor, and we will continue to work towards #1 next year! (As a tip, be sure to build the recipes in the exact order specified in the job aids. Each sub is built to provide the correct mouth feel and desired taste attributes, and ingredient placement is key to that.)

Food Quality

This important fifth and final category places us firmly in #1 position. As you know we have worked hard to continuously improve the quality of our offer. We introduced Angus Beef, All Natural Chicken and Turkey, Premium sub rolls and wraps! We will continue to lead in quality as our current and emerging customers expect and crave. The entire QC team’s commitment to insuring quality and freshness are essential to this great accolade!

Now, speaking of emerging customers, as stated at the beginning, these ratings are from our current core customers, but as you know, the NY Metro market demographics are changing, and we will have a more aggressive campaign in 2015 to engage with younger consumers, most notably millenials. You will see us reach out more through digital and social media, whether that is through twitter, instagram, youtube video, or digital and traditional radio. In addition, we will be launching our mobile app, mobile payment, and Generation 1 Loyalty. You can also expect to see more grass roots and localized marketing.

So we have a great offer, delivered by great teams. Now we will be shouting it out to a new generation! Get ready for new faces, new sales, and new profits!

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